About Us

About XLNT Bakeries


XLNT Bakeries was founded to create unique and exciting new food products for the convenience store, canteen and grocery markets. Our mission is to develop new and delicious snack products made from only the freshest ingredients for our wholesale and retail partners and their customers.

Lucie’s Hoopie Pies are the first of many new and exciting products from XLNT, and its evolution as a XLNT product illustrates our unique approach. Lucie’s has been a family recipe (and secret) for almost 30 years and the combination of its moist cake and unique cream is unlike anything available in the marketplace today. We didn’t invent Lucie’s, but we’re proud to bring her amazing snack cake to you and your customers.

Be sure to try a Lucie’s Hoopie Pie today and look for more new and unique products from XLNT in the months to come.

A Tradition of Taste


 XLNT Bakeries was founded on our love of unique foods that have their roots in family traditions. Using our experience in the baking industry we find and create unique products with fresh ingredients for today’s families on the go. We hope your family enjoys Lucie’s as much as ours does.

Where do I find "Lucie's Hoopie Pies"


 Currently Lucie’s Hoopie Pies are available in multiple c-store locations in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virgina.  They’re also available in select micro markets throughout the southeast.

“Never had anything like a Lucie’s Hoopie Pie...

...the cream/cake combination is just amazing. In fact it’s so good the first time I tried it I went back and bought a second one before I left the store”

-Andreas, West Virginia